The Hong Kong Management Association K S Lo College Incorporated Management Committee

Our school was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate in 1998, thus becoming the first school in Hong Kong to receive such a certificate. This is to ensure a clear and systematized management structure, as well as a clear definition of duties and accountability.

To further promote the smooth operation of the school’s administrative system, an Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) was established on 25th August, 2006. Different parties including parents, teachers, alumni and professionals have been invited to serve on the IMC to contribute to the development of the school.



Supervisor & Chairman of the IMC

潘偉賢教授工程師 Ir Prof Poon Wai Yin Paul MH

潘氏工程有限公司 執行董事

香港浸會大學 校董會暨諮議會 副主席

Managing Director, Poon’s Engineering Limited

Deputy Chairman, Council and Court, Hong Kong Baptist University


Sponsoring Body Manager

梁啟雄先生 Mr Leung Kai Hung Michael
萬眾智能生活有限公司 執行主席
Executive Chairman, Peoples Smart Living Limited

胡志君女士 Ms Woo Chi Kwan Titania
Executive Director, The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)

梁國強先生 Mr Leung Stephen Kwok Keung
培力(香港)健康產品有限公司 非執行董事
Non-executive Director, Purapharm International (HK) Ltd

吳勇為先生  Mr Wu Yung Wei Patrick
德安華 副主席及大中華區評值業務主管
Vice Chairman and Head of Valuation Advisory, Greater China, Kroll (HK) Limited

梁成永先生 Mr Leung Sing Wing Vincent
Executive Director & Vice Chairman, Peoples Smart Living Limited

梁蔓茵女士 Ms Leung Man Yan
香港管理專業協會 總經理
General Manager, The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)


Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager

盧思明博士 Dr Lo Si Ming
Senior Manager, The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)


Independent Manager

馬漢寧博士 Dr Ma Hon Ning Albert, JP
Chairman & Managing Director, Hong Kong LP Gas (Holdings) Ltd


Alumni Manager

李芷恩女士 Ms Li Tsz Yan Annie


Parent Manager

陳瑞茵女士 Ms Chan Sui Yun


Alternate Parent Manager

朱信忠先生 Mr Chu Shun Chung


Teacher Manager

潘德平副校長 Mr Poon Tak Ping


Alternate Teacher Manager

陳繼榮副校長 Mr Chan Kai Wing


Principal (Ex-officio Manager)

梁國基校長 Mr Leung Kwok Kei