2.1   S1 and S2 Lunch Arrangement

2.1.1        Dining Venue: Class Home Room

2.1.2        Students have to stay at their own seats till the bell rings at 1:20pm.

2.1.3        S.1 and S.2 students can go down to the school kiosk and purchase their snacks after 1:20pm.

2.1.4        Keep the place around you clean.

2.1.5        S1 and S2 students must either have their lunch box prepared by parents or from school lunch box supplier.

2.1.6        Only water is allowed inside classroom.


2.2   S3 to S6 Lunch Arrangement

2.2.1        S.3 students are allowed to buy and have their lunch at school canteen.

2.2.2        S.4 to S.6 students are allowed to buy their food either at school canteen or designated restaurants outside school. 

2.2.3        Only S.4 to S.6 students are allowed to go out for their lunch.