Through the study of the BAFS curriculum, students will be able to develop knowledge and understanding of:


  • the intertwined relationships of different business areas;
  • the dynamic environment in which businesses operate, where changes influence planning and decision-making;
  • the importance of accounting in managing a business;
  • the functions of management in formulating effective strategies for businesses; and
  • the importance of managing personal finance.


Students are expected to develop generic skills, in particular, the ability to:


  • use information technology to locate, select, and organise relevant business
  • information for decision-making;
  • investigate, analyse, and evaluate business issues from a variety of perspectives;
  • communicate business information and issues effectively; and
  • work in a team situation and assume a leadership role.


Students are expected to develop positive values and attitudes so that they may:

  • be informed, active and responsible participants in the business world;
  • be critically aware of the importance of socially responsible and ethical business
  • behaviour; and behave responsibly in controlling their personal finances.


Curriculum and assessment guideline