S3 Curriculum

Topic Content
1. Introduction of
Chemistry &
Introduction of Chemistry
Laboratory Safety Rules
2. Atmosphere
Know the Earth
Separation of Oxygen and Nitrogen from Air
Properties of Oxygen
Applications of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide
3. Ocean
Introduction of Ocean
Composition of Sea Water
Obtain Common Salt from Sea Water
Chemical Tests to Prove the Presence of Sodium Ions and Chloride ions
Test the Existence of Water in Sample
Electrolysis of Sea Water and the Uses of the Products from Electrolysis
4. Rocks &
Extract Metals from Minerals
Limestone, Chalk and Marble
Weathering and Erosion in Rocks
Chemical Changes in Calcium Carbonate
Test for Calcium Carbonate in Samples of Limestone/Chalk/Marble)
5. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding Atoms
Atomic Structure
Atomic Number and Mass Number
Isotopes, Relative Atomic Mass
Electronic Arrangement
Periodic Table
Ions, Ionic bond and Ionic Compounds
Formula Mass
Covalent Bond, Molecules, Covalent Compounds
Relative Molecular Mass
6. Common
Introduction of Acids
Properties of Dilute Acids
Importance of Water in Exhibiting the Acidic Properties of Acids
Strength of Acids
Corrosive Nature of Concentrated Acids
Matters Related to Handling Concentrated Acids
7. Common
Introduction of Alkalis
Properties of Alkalis
Importance of Water in Exhibiting the Alkaline Properties of Alkalis
Corrosive Nature of Concentrated Alkalis
Uses of Alkalis in Daily Life
8. Acid-Base
Indicators &
pH Value
Introduction of Acid-Base Indicators
Universal Indicator
pH Meter
Importance of pH
1. Neutralization
Neutralization of Acids and Alkalis
Exothermic Nature of Neutralization)
Preparation and uses of Salts
Water of Crystallization
Determine the End Point of
Neutralization between Acids and Alkalis
Applications of Neutralization

S4 – S6 Curriculum
(HKDSE Curriculum) (Chin) (Eng)
Core Part

Topic 1 Planet Earth: Atmosphere, Ocean, Rocks & Minerals
Topic 2 Microscopic World(I)
Topic 3 Metals
Topic 4 Acids & Bases
Topic 5 Fossil Fuels & Carbon Compounds
Topic 6 Microscopic World(II)
Topic 7 Redox Reactions, Chemical Cells & Electrolysis
Topic 8 Chemical Reactions & Energy
Topic 9 Rate of Reaction
Topic 10 Chemical Equilibrium
Topic 11 Chemistry of Carbon Compounds
Topic 12 Patterns in the Chemical World

Elective Part (Select any 2 out of 3)

*Topic 13 Industrial Chemistry
Topic 14 Materials Chemistry
*Topic 15 Analytical Chemistry

*Our Students will take Topic 13 and Topic 15