Learning Strategy:

To develop an effective learning in geography, students should:

  1. always pay attention to different photos, diagrams and maps to strengthen their   ability to read, understand and interpret the formation given by photos, diagrams    and maps;
  2. not memorize information by rote, but focus on understanding, analyzing and     synthesizing the information so as to construct geographic knowledge;
  3. know how to ask geographical questions, such as “what?”, “where?”, “why?”,“how it developed?” and “how it should be changed?”, to help construct geographical concepts;
  4.   observe and be aware of current local and global geographical issues, and apply geographical concepts to explain these issues;
  5. read and write more in order to strengthen their writing skills to express                     geographical concepts;
  6. pay attention to the data processing such as calculation of data and use different     statistical graphs to show geographical concepts;
  7. Make good use of concept maps or mind map to organize and summarize the     concepts learned in each lesson in order to strengthen the ability to analyze,    synthesize and understand information; and
  8. master various map reading skills to understand the spatial concepts.