5.1   Students are allowed to bring along your mobile phone to school so that you can contact your parents after school.  Please switch off your mobile phone before entering school.

5.2   Please ensure that your mobile phone has been switched off during lesson time, including the alarm function.

5.3   You can use your mobile phone on learning purpose during lesson with your subject teacher’s permission.  Please switch off your phone once at the end of that particular lesson.

5.4   Students can use your mobile phone at public open area for contacting your parents after school.  Public open area includes school canteen and playground etc.

5.5   If you have a special need to use your mobile beyond the lesson, please seek approval from teacher in advance.  Students are not allowed to use mobile phone without permission.

5.6   The right of bringing mobile phone to school will be deprived, if students do not follow the rules of using mobile phone at school.