At school, effective “discipline” serves as an educational way to improve student behavior. It also helps nurture students self-discipline, hence becoming responsible persons. The school regulations and guidelines have given yet another means of aligning our discipline policy and procedures with these important educational outcomes.  “Discipline” is not just a hard approach applying punishment in managing students’ behaviour problems.  A certain discipline measure is adopted, not as a form of punishment, but as an educative process.  The essence of discipline is finding effective alternatives to help students learn self-discipline. Our school has our own school rules as a guide of the basic expectations of proper behaviour among students in the school premises.  They serve as standards for teachers, students and their parents in dealing with student affairs at school.  The Educative Approach to Discipline is a more appropriate intervention approach we believe.  Discipline teachers will try our best to guide the students to face problems and to accept responsibilities.  Adopting an Educative Approach to Discipline is our most powerful tool in handling student misbehaviors.