Mathematics Education KLA

Mathematics is essential in the school curriculum as it is a crucial mode of thinking that helps students acquire the ability to explore, conjecture and reason logically, a powerful means of communication, a foundation for the study of other disciplines, and an intellectual endeavor. Mathematics therefore plays an important role in helping students develop necessary skills for lifelong learning.

The Direction of Curriculum Development in Mathematics

In response to the changing needs of society, the rapid development of science and technology, the results of international studies on our education system, as well as views of stakeholders, the Mathematics Education KLA curriculum is developed in a direction to extend the existing strengths, to enhance students’ learning progression and to align with the focal points of ongoing renewal of school curriculum. The focal points that connect with the development of the Mathematics Education KLA include STEM education, information technology in education, Language across the Curriculum, etc.

Aims of Mathematics Curriculum

To develop students’ ability to conceptualise inquire, reason, communicate, formulate and solve problems mathematically; and their capability of appreciating the aesthetic nature and cultural aspects of mathematics.

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