Computer subject – Introduction

S1-2 Computer Literacy Course:

Through computer literacy, students should use a wide range of IT tools in learning and develop their capability to process and present information. Students should develop an inquisitive mind and an interest in learning new IT tools and techniques. They should demonstrate awareness and acquire the basic skills to verify and evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the information. In applying IT in information processing, they should be aware of the importance of keeping confidential sensitive or personal data and behave ethically in using the information

S3-6 Information and Communication Technology Course for Junior Secondary:

Through Information and Communication Technology, students should have acquired the necessary skills in selecting the using IT tools to support their further studies and life-long learning. They should demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze information. They should use IT tools, such as web publishing tools, to share information on the Internet. To cope with technological development, students should reflect on their own and others’ use of IT and learn from experiences. They should be responsible for using information.