Technology and living helps students acquire the knowledge and skills of home-making which are essential to healthy physical and intellectual development.  Good home management plays an important role in cultivating close and harmonious family relationships.

The subject matter is divided into three sections:

Food, Nutrition and Diet

Needlework, Dress and Design

Home and Family

Home and Family deals with the skills and principles of running a home, and the rights and responsibilities of every individual in a family.It helps students understand the importance of a happy, well-organized home, and ways of achieving it.This section includes topics such as consumer rights and responsibilities, decision-making skills and social etiquette, which will help students cultivate attitudes, values and goals in life.

Food, Nutrition and Diet enables students to understand the relationship between nutrition, diet and health.In this section, Chinese and Western recipes are included, giving students an insight into both traditions of cooking.Students are encouraged to choose and store foods properly, to plan and prepare balanced meals for the family.

Needlework, Dress and Design enables students to understand the importance of colour, fabric and other design elements on fashion design and develop a good dress sense.Students are guided to make up garments using the sewing techniques introduced.Basic knowledge on different fibres and fabrics is provided to broaden the view of students on textile.