Senior Form curriculum

Compulsory part

  1. Heat and Gases
  2. Temperature, heat and internal energy
  3. Transfer processes
  4. Change of state
  5. Gases
  6. Force and Motion
  7. Position and movement
  8. Force and motion
  9. Projectile motion
  10. Work, energy and power
  11. Momentum
  12. Uniform circular motion
  13. Gravitation

III. Wave Motion

  1. Nature and properties of waves
  2. Light
  3. Sound
  4. Electricity and Magnetism
  5. Electrostatics
  6. Circuits and domestic electricity
  7. Electromagnetism
  8. Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy
  9. Radiation and radioactivity
  10. Atomic model
  11. Nuclear energy


Elective part

VII. Atomic World

  1. Rutherford’s atomic model
  2. Photoelectric effect
  3. Bohr’s atomic model of hydrogen
  4. Particles or waves
  5. Probing into nano scale

VIII. Energy and Use of Energy

  1. Electricity at home
  2. Energy efficiency in building and transportation
  3. Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

S3 curriculum

Wave Motion

reflection of light

refraction of light

total internal reflection

formation of images by lenses