Chemistry is taught by two teachers. The S3 curriculum is adapted from the current HKDSE curriculum with modifications. It comprises mainly planet earth, microscopic world and acids (optional). The S4 – S6 curriculum is in line with the current HKDSE curriculum. In addition to traditional Chemistry experiments, microscale experiments and experiments using data-loggers will also be included.
The educational aims of Chemistry are :

  1. encourage students to gain learning experience through understanding and applying chemistry concepts in scientific processes with critical thinking and doing by hands ;
  2. relate advancement in Chemistry and technology to the sustainable development of society ;
  3. equip students with the skills and knowledge to become life-long learner of Chemistry and technology.

The teaching goals of Chemistry in K S Lo College are to enable students to :

  1. develop interest and curiosity in Chemistry ;
  2. obtain suitable knowledge and basic understanding of Chemistry ;
  3. develop logical and critical thinking in applying Chemistry knowledge to make judgements and solve problems ;
  4. develop scientific investigation skills ;
  5. understand the evolutionary and transitional property of Chemistry ;
  6. know the language of Chemistry and acquire the communication skills in scenarios and concepts related to Chemistry ;
  7. appreciate Chemistry and its applications in daily life ;
  8. know the effects of Chemistry on the society, economy, environment and technology and care about the environment and the society ;
  9. develop an open, optimistic and initiative character.

The design of Chemistry curriculum aims at cultivating students to build up chemistry-related values and attitude towards the society, ethics, politics, economy and environment and thus helping them become responsible citizens.