English – The formal curriculum

S1 – S3

The main objective of the S1-S3 syllabus is to give students a strong foundation in English. We aim to train students to:

      1. develop a strong interest in the English language
      2. be well-grounded in listening, speaking, reading and writing
      3. master essential skills in learning English independently and
      4. be able to use everyday English to communicate effectively
S4 – S6

The main objective of the S4-S6 syllabus is to prepare students for the Hong Kong Diploma of Senior Education Examination. We aim to train students to:

      1. understand ideas, facts, opinions, and feelings presented through the media of spoken and written language
      2. respond, evaluate and make use of ideas, facts, opinions and feelings which may be presented in an integrated manner through the media of spoken and written language
      3. express their own views, feelings and ideas, imaginative and otherwise, and describe, discuss and reflect upon their own experiences through the media of spoken and written language
      4. interact with others through the media of spoken and written language
      5. understand and interpret spoken English as it might be encountered in academic or vocational situations
      6. write clear, concise and grammatical English in an appropriate style
      7. demonstrate both global and detailed understanding of a variety of written texts
      8. understand and use spoken English for practical communication
      9. integrate reading, writing and study skills in the pursuance of task-based/problem-solving activities

Other features
      1. Apart from the selection of high-quality coursebooks, worksheets and booklets are made to meet students’ special language needs.
      2. Class readers are part of the junior form syllabus. They are chosen for their rich language input and interest.
      3. The Extensive Reading Scheme in S1-S3 and Newspaper Reading Programme in S1-S5 help to cultivate a reading habit among students.
      4. Language Arts has been incorporated into the junior English syllabus to enable students to learn English in a fun and creative way.
      5. Co-teaching is practiced in S5-S6 to give extra attention to students and to provide a channel for teachers to exchange teaching experiences.
      6. Small-class teaching is implemented in S1-S6 to provide students with more attention and training and to narrow the learning diversity.

English – The informal curriculum

Apart from the formal curriculum, there is a well-planned informal curriculum to strengthen English teaching and learning at The HKMA K S Lo College. The main purpose is to provide an English-language rich environment.

Below are some of the main components:

      1. The provision of a relaxing English-speaking environment in the English Cafe
      2. Student participation in The Annual Speech Festival
      3. The English Society
      4. The Scrabble League
      5. An end-of-year drama performance
      6. Visits to English-speaking places in Hong Kong (e.g. The Crossroads and the SPCA)
      7. Study Tours to English-speaking countries
      8. An English Magazine
      9. An end-of-year Annual Performance at the Yuen Long Theatre