Career and Life Planning Team


Assist students to understand their own abilities and expertise so as to prepare for their future studies and employment


For easy reference and guidance, our team has set up a Career Guidance Resource Cabinet, which contains all sorts of information about local and overseas studies for students’ perusal

About us:

The Career and Life Planning Team is one of the administrative teams under the Office of Student Affairs. 

Career and Life Planning Master:Mr. Tsang Siu Kei

Assistant Career and Life Planning Mistress: Ms. Wong Tsz Yan Chilli

Team Member : Mr. Lau Chi Ho Andrew, Mr. Wong Shun Yee Simon, Mr. Tam Ka Fai Kevin, Ms. Tam Yuen Wai Serena, Ms. Lam Ka Ying Wendy, Mr. Wong Chun

Scope of work:

  • Provide information and guidance for further studies, as well as organize regular activities for students
  • Help students understand themselves and prepare for future studies and employment
  • Give assistance to students to apply for various colleges and universities


  • Mentoring Program
  • Summer Internship Program
  • Mock DSE Results Release Activity
  • Mock Interviews Activity
  • Alumni Sharing
  • Workplace Visits
  • Career Planning and Further Studies Talks

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