Curriculum Objective

Economics helps students understand the different factors affecting our daily life by the study of theories focusing on producers and consumers.  The Hong Kong economy is facing various rapid changes and actively seeking to establish a closer relationship with the Mainland.  At the same time, Hong Kong is striving to remain competitive in the global economy.  The study of economics, in addition to being applied to real situations in our daily life, is also closely related to the development of the times.


Skills developed through the curriculum

Economics focuses on developing students’ analytical and presentation skills.  Since numerical and graphical data are used in analyzing economic theories, students will also build a strong foundation in mathematics.


Values through the curriculum

The curriculum can help students master the basic knowledge and skills of economics, and develop students’ ability to make rational choices. The curriculum will study some controversial public policies.  Through discussion, students can understand the values behind various policies and become responsible citizens.


Economics and Employment

The curriculum can help students develop the learning ability and broaden their learning horizon.  The curriculum would help students pursue an academic future in social science or business management subjects including Economics, Sociology, Public and Social Administration, Geography, Finance, Marketing or Human Resources… etc.  It is of great help to students’ future study and employment.