Senior Secondary Curriculum Guide

Subject of Senior Secondary
  • Compulsory Subject:
    English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies
  • Elective Subject:
    Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communication Technology, Geography, Chinese History, 
    Economics, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Business, Accounting and Finance Studies, Visual Arts
  • Others: Physical Education、Class Teacher Lesson、Other Learning Experience 
Senior Secondary’s Class Structure

S.4: 4 classes (4A、4B、4C、4D)
S.5: 4 classes (5A、5B、5C、5D)
S.6: 4 classes (6A、6B、6C、6D)

Strategies for bridging the Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary curriculum
Subject of Senior Secondary
With Articulation Curriculum
Chinese Language Yes
English Language Yes
Mathematics Yes
Liberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development Moral and Civic Education
 S.1 to S.3: Life and Society 
Physics S.3: Science (Physics)
Chemistry S.3: Science (Chemistry)
Biology S.3: Science (Biology)
Geography Yes
Chinese History Yes
Visual Arts Yes
Economics S.3: Integrated Business Studies
Tourism and Hospitality Studies S.3: Integrated Business Studies
Business, Accounting and Finance Studies S.3: Integrated Business Studies
Information and Communication Technology Yes