The aim of the biology curriculum for S3 to S6 is to provide biology-related learning experiences that enable students to develop scientific literacy, so that they can prepare for further studies or careers in the fields related to life science.

The learning targets of the curriculum are categorized into three domains :

  • Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Skills and Processes
  • Values and Attitudes

Knowledge and Understanding.

Students can acquire knowledge and develop an understanding of biological principles, concepts, terms and facts. Students are able to apply biological knowledge and concepts to familiar and unfamiliar situations. Students are also expected to investigate different systems, such as digestive system, circulatory system, endocrine system and reproductive system and etc. Students can also develop an understanding of the application and uses of biological knowledge in daily life through carrying out experiments.

Skills and Processes

Students are expected to make careful observations, ask relevant questions, identify problems, formulate hypotheses and improve the experiment through investigation. This can strengthen their creativity, communicative, collaborative, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Values and Attitudes

Students are developed to appreciate the wonders and complexity of Nature, and show respect for all living things and the environment through discussing biological issues in the curriculum. Students are also learnt to recognize their responsibility for conserving, protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment and finally be aware of the application of biological knowledge in society and its social, ethical, economic and environmental implications.