Principal’s Words

HKMA K S Lo College was the first secondary school founded by the Hong Kong Management Association in 1994. Over the past years, we have been rated as a value-added school, and our students have performed well in public examinations. Through an interactive campus life and various learning experiences, the core values of our College – caring and excellence – are put into practice. Our teachers are committed to listening to the voices of students, guiding them on their path to success, and making K S Lo College their second home. We also hold high expectations of our students and expect them to have the courage and ability to face challenges ahead.

To maintain the quality and effectiveness of teaching in our school, we adhere to principles that are school-oriented, promote professionalism among teachers, and put students first at all times with equal emphasis on quality and diversity. Our Incorporated Management Committee was established on August 25, 2006 to recruit representatives of parents, teachers, and alumni who work in collaboration to enable students to achieve their aspirations in a caring environment.