The Arts Education aims to help students develop creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural awareness, develop arts skills, construct knowledge, gain delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in arts activities and pursue a lifelong interest in the arts. The Visual Arts department aims to ensure that students attain an all-round development in a balanced curriculum.


The learning objectives of the Arts Education are the core of the curriculum. They are closely intertwined and complement each other. The objectives are as follows:

Students are able to:

– cultivate creativity and imagination;

– use their imagination and creativity when participating in art appraisal, art creation and performances;

– develop skills and the processes;

– use different materials, media, artistic language and resources to experience and express art, and value exploration and experimentation in the creative process;

– cultivate the ability to appraise art;

– appreciate, comment on and respond to art and art-related issues from multiple perspectives;

– understand the context of art and the relationship between art, life and society.


The Visual Arts department provides students with diversified learning opportunities in and out of class, which allows students to obtain the greatest benefits through art learning. For example, the undergraduate’s annual whole school cultural event “Art and Culture Week” is a typical example. The event combines course content, extracurricular workshops, performances by guest professional art troupes, and fashion shows showcasing the achievements of students’ fashion design.