English – Introduction


English is now the language of international communication, commerce, education and entertainment.

Undoubtedly, the mastery of English opens up new opportunities for our students in career advancement, educational attainment and personal fulfillment. At The Hong Kong Management Association K S Lo College, we are keenly aware of the importance of English and make a concerted effort to help our students master the language. In this respect, the English Department plays a pivotal role.

The main objectives of the English curriculum are:

      1. to give students a firm foundation in English for effective communication,
      2. to arouse students’ interest in English,
      3. to help students become independent learners of English and
      4. to help students pass the public exam with satisfactory results.

To achieve the above objectives, we attach much importance to:

      • Manpower deployment
      • The professional development of English teachers
      • Improving the quality of curriculum design
      • Providing additional language support
      • The promotion of an English language-rich environment

We hope that with sufficient training and support, students will develop an ever-improving ability to use English competently in their daily lives.