• Food and Drinks

Food or drinks must be consumed at the school canteen.  Students are allowed to buy and have their food and beverage at the school canteen. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into classroom, especially chewing gum is strictly prohibited.

  • Queuing

Queue up quietly and properly when you are moving to the other place to have lessons.  Keep left when proceeding to the destination.

  • Textbooks

Textbooks should be taken away for revision and not be kept in the lockers (excluding exercises, homework notebooks, worksheets which are not of regular usage, and books specified by teachers).

  • Unauthorized area

Except those students with permission from a teacher, students are not allowed to enter staff rooms, special rooms, hall, and other unauthorized area.

  • Bike

Owing to the safety concern, students are not advised biking to school.  It is not allowed to place the bike at school.

  • Student card and Students’ handbook

Students have to bring the student card and students’ handbook to school every schooling day in case checking by teachers and prefects.  Keep ready for presenting the student card at school.

  • Non-schooling Day

Students should wear proper school uniform, PE uniform or school team uniform to school during non-schooling day, otherwise students may not enter school.

  • Unauthorized item

Other than the necessary stationaries and learning materials, unauthorized items would not be allowed to the lessons.  All the unauthorized items would be confiscated and corresponding punishment would be applied.

  • Mobile Phone

In general situation, students should keep the mobile phone off.  However students can use mobile phone at public open area for contacting parents after school.  Besides, under subject teachers’ permission, students can use mobile phone on learning purpose during lesson.  Please switch off the phone at once at the end of that particular lesson.

1.10 Students must treat school property with care.  Wilful damage to school property will be dealt with seriously, and any replacement needed should be paid for by the offenders.  Such incidents, if discovered, should be reported to the school promptly.