The Visual Arts curriculum aims to provide students with a balanced and diverse art experiences in order to broaden their horizons and increase their understanding of art. It emphasizes the connection of various learning stages to ensure a right-paced and gradual art learning process. In addition, when designing course content, students’ interests, abilities and learning styles are taken into consideration in order to cater for the needs of different students. The objectives are as follows:


– Develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills, and cultivate aesthetic sensitivity and cultural awareness;

– Develop artistic skills, construct knowledge and cultivate positive values ​​and attitudes;

– Get pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction from participating in art activities;

– Cultivate a lifelong interest in art and even pursue a career in art-related fields.

S1-S6 Course Content


Unit / Topic


  • Mascot design
  • Print book collection ticket
  • Font modelling creation – see the word and hear the sound
  • Sketch — profile picture
  • Pattern creation — Mandala
  • Comic creation


  • Western calligraphy creation
  • Drawing-the perception of light and shadow
  • Chinese paper cutting – new year picture creation
  • Stained glass creation
  • Pastel painting – funny creature model
  • Drawing – front profile picture


  • Graffiti creation
  • Graphic design – poster
  • Fashion design (1) – decoration creation
  • Fashion design (2) – the art of tye-dyeing
  • Fashion design (3) – cut up T-shirt making
  • Interior design – design your own comfort zone
  • Painting creation – the association of the eyes


  • Painting course
    • From sketching to illustration and poster design
    • Acrylic painting creation
    • Public examinations drawing skills
  • Art Criticism Writing Course (藝術評論寫作課程)
    • Description (表象描述)
    • Analysis (形式分析)
    • Interpretation (意義詮釋)
    • Evaluation (價值評價)
    • Public examination art criticism writing skills
  • School based assessment
    • Shoe creation (鞋履創作)
    • Clothing and footwear creation (衣履創作)
    • Illustration creation (插畫創作)
    • Evaluation (價值評價)
    • Painting creation (繪畫創作)